Broken Mirror Fashion is a new sustainable fashion clothing company where "eco meets rock and roll." According to girl boss Jennifer Lully, "When you break mirrors, you shatter stereotypes and superstition to break fashion for the better. Together, we build an ethical, sustainable world. We strive to overcome the obstacles standing in sustainability's way. ... We combine sustainability with rock and roll, because music changes the world. Greenpeace meets sexy."

I was commissioned to create five new illustrations for BMF's Fire Collection. These illustrations would convey the problem, passion, and purpose of BMF's introduction into the fashion revolution. The illustration set progresses as if to tell a story - beginning with Metamorphosis, rising like a Phoenix, dominating with a Dragon Wing, rising above a World on Fire, and foreboding with the power of Frankenstein's monster. The styling is edgy yet simplistic; reminiscent of tattoos and the rock scene, offered with a sweet hand drawn bow. 

These illustrations are available for purchase on several Eco-friendly merchandise options, including t-shirts and bags, through Broken Mirror Fashion at

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