A volunteer group was looking to restore and refresh a historic 50's-style Beach Club in their small beach community in Key Biscayne, Florida. One of the members hired me to create a set of logo options they could choose from. They wanted something that was timeless and classic, that incorporated the key colors of the area, and reflected both the history and the future of the Beach Club.

While the volunteer group was busy cleaning up, painting, and repairing structures and landscaping, I created a new identity for the Beach Club. I choose a vintage badge style and featured the classic beach umbrella that the Club was known for. I included a nod to the Club's history with their established dates. I gave the logo an overall modern and refreshed feel with the choice of colors, fonts, and styling. The branding package was rounded out with a alternate logo, sub-mark, and color palette.

The Key Biscayne Beach Club has had much success with their new logo and identity. It has since been used on signage, advertisements, and many products to include shirts, hats, staff name tags, and more. See it in action and learn more about the historic Beach Club at

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